Our values

Our Values

At Little Scotland Developments we understand the success of our business is based on our values. We take ownership and look to reinforce these values everyday throughout the business.

  • Passion is at the heart of the company.
  • We strive to be innovative always looking for ways to improve.
  • We always want to be honest and transparent.
  • We strive to minimise any negative impact of the environment.
  • We have a respect for the communities we work in and look to develop longstanding relationships.
  • Diversity is at the heart of the company and we understand that all cultures, ages, genders have unique strengths they can bring the business.
  • We encourage healthy debate and constructive criticism.
  • We endeavour to use sustainable ways of whenever possible.
  • We encourage leadership by example and look to continually develop all employees.
  • We take accountability and lead by example.
  • We value human life and look to maintain the highest level of H&S and take our anti-slavery obligations very seriously.