Why live on a new housing development?

Useful advice for House Hunting

Its time, you have decided that you need your own space and can no longer live under the same roof as your parents, or maybe you no longer want to house share, or your house is too small for the family. It is time to take the next step and find your perfect home.

You will probably have an idea of where you want to live, but it is worth checking the area out. Even though you might have lived in that area for your whole life, it is worth viewing the surrounding areas to see what is different, and why. You might be able to afford a larger house in the next town along, the council tax might be cheaper, or it might even have more green space for you. It is worth writing a list of what is important to you when looking for a new house and why. Make sure you review the list after visiting each property to ensure all or as many as possible of the boxes have been ticked.

Apart from visiting the area, there are many comparison websites available that will show you the difference between two different areas. It will show you the average house price, the population, what the schools are like in that area.

You will also need to consider is the house is closer or further away from work, and therefore will increase your commute, and therefore increase/decrease the cost. Also, will you need to travel further to your local shops, park or pub. As all these factors will influence your monthly budget.

It is also worth getting a mortgage agreement in principle, as this will provide confidence to the seller that you are able to afford their house, and it is also useful for you to know your budget and the size of house you will be able to afford.