At concept stage we consider the environmental impact of our homes and how your usage will effect this. The environmental impact is carried through our design stage and we consider how the materials we use will impact you in terms of cost whilst endeavouring to use sustainable products whenever possible. Through use of innovative technology like solar we aim to exceed building standards.

At Little Scotland Developments we are committed to sustainability and we are happy to confirm the materials used in any of our properties. Internally we use recovery systems and class A appliances reducing bills and saving you energy. The natural hard and soft landscaping of our developments is an important consideration. We strive to make our sites a pleasant place to live taking into consideration flora and fauna. Our landscaping uses locally sourced plants and shrubs to compliment to surrounding area.

With climate change have an increasing importance in the decision making of consumers we continue to develop our construction process by making sustainable choices.

If your considering moving the way in which your developer has built the development is worth looking into. Poorly designed and constructed houses can cost more to run and have a negative impact on the environment. New homes must be built to a minimum standard, however, at Little Scotland Development we aim to surpass these standards and built homes with additional eco friendly specification.

Future Technology

We use Solar panels to provide a truly renewable energy source and electric car charging points. Please ask our sales team for more information as we would be happy to provide the specification on any products we install.


At Little Scotland Developments we ensure all our premises include high specification insulation with low U values which significantly reduces the heat loss from your homes.

Energy Saving

All our homes come with high specification boilers, heating zones, thermostatic valves and A rated appliances. We use energy saving lighting and aim to bring as much natural light into the building as possible by way of oversized and velux windows.

Greener Developments

All our developments are designed to where possible provide sustainable drainage which is approved by the regional water company. Our landscaping designs take into consideration future maintenance and the use of native species of plants. Whilst not always possible to use locally sourced materials and contractors we consider all options and look towards greener alternatives whenever possible.